“Committed to Caring for Our Earth”

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What’s your pledge to help care for our Earth?

What’s your pledge to help care for our Earth?

Take the Pledge...

Tell us your pledge to help care for our Earth.  What do you already do that is sustainable? 

And is there anything new you will start doing?

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I avoid plastic, single-use items as much as possible and pack my own reusable water bottle, beverage cup, silverware, meal containers and cloth napkins. I bring them when going out and while travelling, it's easy to do. I also re-purpose grocery and food bags and keep them handy at home and at the market. My family also helps to care for the Earth in this way.

Jamie Felice 10 months ago

Planting a garden

Keisha Clark 10 months ago

We are recent empty nesters, and we decided to downsize from our large 3,000 square foot suburban home into a smaller 1,200 square foot condo, which takes far less energy to heat and cool. We are now living in a far less car-dependent area, and our condo is located near shopping and mass transit as well.

brobert1 10 months ago

I use bamboo 'paper' products in the kitchen and bathroom, cloth napkins for dining, and minimize (or avoid altogether) the small flavor/condiment packets of ketchup, soy sauce, etc. that use a ton of plastic packaging.

EMD 10 months ago

I have switched to a primarily animal based diet, sourcing products from sustainable and humane farms. Regenerative Animal agriculture rebuilds soil and protects both human health and the environment.

Conscientious Carnivore 10 months ago

I have eaten a 100% vegan diet for the last 5 years. Animal agriculture takes a huge toll on the earth.

Plants, yo! 10 months ago

In 2013 I installed solar panels at home to save money in electricity. I was also interested in using sustainable energy to reduce gas emission in my home. Since then, I am slowly switching gas to electric appliances. My landscaping has no grass and I use pavers and planted succulents instead. Making changes at home is my contribution to help the environment. By telecommuting I reduce travel time and gas emission sitting in traffic. I hope our department follows your lead and continue promoting teleworking or offer alternate work schedules. My audacious goal is to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle within 5 years. Thank you County leaders for promoting earth day and committing to actions that make a positive impact in our communities.

Adriana Cano 10 months ago

I buy organics, buy as local as possible to reduce transport costs, recycle, pick up trash with a neighborhood group and on my own, turn off the garage door opener light when it's done, turn off power strips when not using them. I pledge to start taking the Trolley again when I come to the office.

GreggR 10 months ago

I have been working from home since January and plan on purchasing an EV in the next month to use as my primary commute vehicle for the days I need to visit sites.

Shelby Canino 10 months ago

Currently: recycle, use reusable and non-plastic, where possible, low water gardening and landscaping, purchased an electric vehicle and installed solar in my home. Goals: shift away from natural gas for heating, cooking, and hot water. Begin composting to reduce food waste. Install rain barrel.

Cassie 10 months ago

I do not purchase plastic water bottles instead I use my hydroflask. Which helps reduce plastic usage.

Claudia 10 months ago

I shop wisely, buying less plastic and harmful materials for the environment

BeepBeep 10 months ago

At home: Compost food, recycle, limit water use and only plant drought-tolerant landscaping. At work: Transition more print projects to virtual, saving paper and trees!

JessG 10 months ago

I pledge to help care for and protect our environment and implement sustainability practices at home and at work.

Amy 10 months ago

We use a water monitoring system to help us reduce our water use. We also have LED bulbs throughout the house and also have solar panels to help reduce our reliance on the grid.

Jon 11 months ago

We put solar on our home last year and use rain barrels.

1Ddurckel 11 months ago

I commute by public transportation most days and use my bike or walk for errands when possible. I compost and grow food. We hang dry clothes, don't use a heater and rarely use AC.

TKG 11 months ago
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