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What’s your pledge to help our Earth?

What’s your pledge to help our Earth?

Take the Pledge...

Tell us your pledge to help care for our Earth.  What do you already do that is sustainable? 

And is there anything new you will start doing?

Consultation has concluded

I'm on my third electric vehicle and the technology keeps improving. I won't ever go back to driving a gas powered vehicle! Something new I want to start is talking to my neighbors about agreeing on the same day a week we will set for our Amazon deliveries. This will significantly reduce the amount of trips the delivery truck is making to our neighborhood!

Amy about 1 year ago

I've been vegan for a little over seven years now--that equates to saving approximately 2.8 million gallons of water, 103,000 lbs of grain, 78,000 sq.ft of forested land, 52,000 lbs of CO2, and 569 animal lives!

I plan to start using some sustainable and zero plastic household cleaning products from Grove Co.

Ben Wong about 1 year ago

Inspired by, we keep onion/garlic/other veggie trimmings and bones in bags in the freezer until we make homemade stock in the InstantPot. It's easy, and the stock is amazing. Your tummy will thank you!

We use buffalograss as lawn where we want lawn and native/drought tolerant plants elsewhere. We also have solar panels, plug-in hybrids, rain barrels, line dry clothes where possible, use cloth napkins—everyone in the family has their own distinctive napkin ring. Older children bike to school, the adults telework often. We get a local CSA box to encourage us to eat more fruits/veggies, and this year we are planting a garden.

Heidi Gabriel-Pack about 1 year ago

I don't eat animal products for compassion reasons and because of the impact of this industry on the environment and health. Today I made an amazing plant-based Enchiladas Suizas!

Laura Hunter over 1 year ago

We have stopped buying water bottles years ago and we definitely recycle as much as we can. and also try to reuse as much of the plastics as possible. we are hoping to start composting but haven't received our new bin in the City of Chula Vista yet. we are doing our part.

alemama over 1 year ago

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mmayers over 1 year ago

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mmayers over 1 year ago

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mmayers over 1 year ago

Reduce, Reuse &Recycle, carry own utensils/water bottle always; re-use "single use plastics" ; make sure to recycle all material possible. 2021 invest in home solar & 2022 opt for EV as replacement vehicle. Home composting of plant based scraps, and victory garden. Switch from cow milk to local (raw) goat milk. Reduce hot water usage. continue to harvest rain water. Plan on start using cloth napkins! Look into gray water system from laundry.

enotierra over 1 year ago

I avoid single-use products and try to support companies that are committed to sustainability. Also tending to my garden at home and trying to walk rather than drive when possible!

siana about 2 years ago

I am making a pledge to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions through a series of short and long term strategies - my first undertaking, to utilize public transportation for my scheduled in-office commute days.

jfreeze1010 about 2 years ago

I have been composting since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and have saved hundreds of pounds of food waste from going into the trash!

Brooke about 2 years ago

We toss all fruit/veggie scraps into a tumbler composter and anything that we cannot compost ourselves, we toss into the green waste bin for the City's collection. We recycle as many products as we can and we donate used goods to minimize our waste in landfills. We also sometimes pick up trash on our doggy walks to prevent them from ending up in storm drains. We will start adding more trees to our yard this Spring to help fight climate change!

SaveOurEarth about 2 years ago

I live a 100% vegan lifestyle. Animal agriculture is the #1 cause of greenhouse gases and the fishing industry is the #1 cause of plastic in the ocean.

Plants! about 2 years ago

We use cloth napkins and cloth diapers!

Autumn about 2 years ago

participate in mandated SB 1383 curbside residential collection service.

1villager7 about 2 years ago

I pledge to be mindful of my carbon footprint. Support local businesses that promote sustainable local products.

Peejay T. about 2 years ago

We recycle, create our own compost, plant low water plants and trees native to So Cal in our yard, we use environmentally safe soaps etc., telecommute when possible, and carpool when possible. We pick up any trash we see and we encourage our neighbors to do all the same things.

Ella about 2 years ago

At home I have reduced the amount of water I use everyday and have started recycling. I have also reduced the amount of energy I use everyday.

Ann Jimenez about 2 years ago

I am delighted to hear of the County's efforts to become more sustainable! We have had Solar Panels on our home for the past 18 years, have a compost bin that we use every day, and currently telework 100% of the time as part of HHSA. We also conserve water and have drip lines for our irrigation. We rarely run our A/C or heat and do our best to reduce plastic consumption with reusable grocery bags and refillable water sippers. My next vehicle will be electric, but my current vehicle is a four cylinder and gets great gas mileage. In short, we do everything possible to lessen our carbon footprint and show our love for the Earth!

Stephanie Wells about 2 years ago