What information is available on the Recommended Budget?

    The County's Open Budget website offers information on the Recommended Budget. At a high level, revenue and expenditure information is available for each of the County’s four business groups and their departments for multiple fiscal years. Values for the County’s capital budget are also available. 

    When it is released on May 4, the Recommended Budget for 2023-2025 including an executive summary and budget snapshot will also be available on Open Budget. 

    For historical references, please see the County’s Operational Plan and Budget Information page.

    What is the County's budget process?

    There are three budgetary phases in the County of San Diego.

    1. Each year, the County's Groups and departments create a two-year Recommended Operational Plan, also referred to as the Recommended Budget, to present to the public and Board of Supervisors for consideration in May, using the county's Five-Year Financial Forecast for guidance. 

    2. Potential revisions to the Recommended Budget must be submitted to the Clerk of the Board by the end of the Public Hearing process, starting the Change Letter phase. 

    3. A majority of the Board of Supervisors is required, after public hearings and changes, to vote on and adopt a Budget for Fiscal Year 2023 and tentatively approve a Budget for Fiscal Year 2024 before July 1.

    How can I participate in the budget process?

    You can participate in the budget process in different ways: 

    • Review the information on Open Budget and on this site
    • Share the information with your community 
    • Review the Recommended Budget and provide comments through the County's eComments system. 
      • Comments can be submitted from May 4 to June 21 at 5 p.m. 
    • Attend budget hearings during Board of Supervisor meetings and community budget meetings. Review the "key dates" section of this site for dates, times, and locations. 

    How can I watch a budget presentation during a Board of Supervisors Meeting?

    Information on how to attend a Board of Supervisors meeting or watch a meeting on line can be found on the Clerk of the Board website. Click on the link below. 


    What is the County's Budget Equity Assessment Tool?

    The tool is a questionnaire that leads departments to better understand how their respective budgets impacts historically marginalized vulnerable communities. It established a framework for resource allocation that advances equity. 

    Are budgeted amounts monitored regularly?

    Yes! The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides a quarterly budget status report to the Board of Supervisors to report and correct any budget variances. The goal is to use taxpayer dollars efficiently while at the same time maintain flexibility for unforeseen expenditures.